Recipients of the Illinois Geographical Society’s Distinguished Geographer Award 

1970 - present 

Year       Recipient                                             Affiliation

1970       Herbert Gross                                   Concordia Teachers College
1971       Robert E. Gabler                              Western Illinois University
1972       Mary M. Colby                                  University of Illinois, Chicago
1973       Alden Cutshall                                  University of Illinois, Chicago
1974       Mildred I. Finney                              University of Illinois, Chicago
1975       Reece A. Jones                                 Western Illinois University
1976       Dalias A. Price                                   Eastern Illinois University
1977       Evelynne M. Berg                            Morton College
1978       Martin Reinemann                          Northern Illinois University
1979       B. Ross Guest                                    Northern Illinois University
1980       Ronald E. Nelson                             Western Illinois University
1981       Annemarie Krause                          Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
1982       Elizabeth Eiselen                             Oak Park, IL
1983       Richard Houk                                    DePaul University
1984       James W. Vining                               Western Illinois University
1985       Joan Longmire                                  Elgin School District U-46
1986       Fred Lampe                                        Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
1987       James E. Patterson                          Illinois State University
1988       Norman C. Bettis                              Illinois State University
1989       Michael D. Sublett                           Illinois State University
1990       Albert J. Larson                                 University of Illinois, Chicago
1991       Arlin Fentem                                      Western Illinois University
1992       Fred H. Walk                                      Normal Community High School
1993       A. Richard Longwell                         Western Illinois University
1994       Edward B. Espenshade, Jr.           Northwestern University
1995       R. Lynn Bradley                                 Belleville Area College
1996       Charles E. Womack                          Lake Land College
1997       Jill Freund Thomas                          Illinois State University
1998       Leonard L. Hodgman                      Joliet Junior College
1999       Roger J. Liska                                     Amos Alonso Stagg High School
2000       Robert M. Ashley                             Red Bud High School
2001       Fred Willman                                     Kennedy Junior High School
2002       Glen Weatherwax                           Sterling Schools
2002       Linda Weatherwax                          Sterling Schools
2003       Judy Bock                                            Palombi Middle School
2004       Norman T. Moline                           Augustana College
2005       Mary Ann Hanlin                              Elmwood Elementary School
2006       Terry Harshbarger                           Parkland College
2007       David L. Schein                                  Federal Emergency Management Agency
2008       Noel Stirrat                                         College of Lake County
2009       Keith Sculle                                         Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency
2010       James F. Marran                               New Trier High School
2011       Michael W. Cornebise                    Eastern Illinois University
2012       Christopher J. Sutton                     Western Illinois University
2013       Leonard Ealey                                    Pekin Public Schools
2014       Ani Thompson Smith                      Elgin School District U-46
2015       Susan Holderread                            New Trier High School
2016       Joseph Kubal    
2017       Donald Tolen    
2018       Larry Resutko   
2019       Ty Liles                                                 College of Lake County