Meeting Minutes and IGS Constitution

2018 Executive Council Meeting (Edwardsville)
2018 Business Meeting
2017 Executive Council Meeting(Champaign-Urbana)
2017 Business Meeting
2016 Executive Council Meeting (Northfield)
2016 Business Meeting
2015 Fall Work Session
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2014 Executive Council Meeting (Metropolis)
2014 Business Meeting
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2013 Business Meeting
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2012 Executive Council Meeting (Grayslake)
2012 Business Meeting  

IGS Constitution

At the 2016 IGS Fall Work Session, several changes were proposed, a summary of which follows:

·            Because costs of attendance have increased and fewer people were attending IGS-hosted events, Council members agreed to eliminate the NCGE Representative. Instead, a Retired Geographer post has been proposed, to represent the interests of the retired members of the IGS. This ideal candidate will be a retiree who has worked professionally as a geographer.

·            Council members also proposed creating a Four-Year College Representative.  There exists a Two-Year College Representative on the council, so this post would aid in the representation of our Four-Year College members. Duties of this position would include selection and presentation of Four-Year College Awards at the Annual Meeting and publicity of IGS Research Grants. Additionally, the Four-Year College Representative would act as a liaison between the IGS and other four-year institutions.

·            To facilitate communication and share ideas that might prove to be mutually beneficial, an Illinois GIS Association (ILGISA) Representative to the IGS Executive Council has been proposed.

These changes were approved by the membership gathered at the 2016 Annual Meeting at New Trier High School in Northfield, Illinois.